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Leader on
the market
since 2015

Crafting Excellence in Stainless Steel Water Storage 

At Nexteel Industries Pvt Ltd, we are not just a company; we are a symbol of quality and innovation. Our commitment to excellence has led us to introduce a portfolio of trusted brands, each embodying our core values:

Our Brand 


A flagship brand that signifies excellence in Stainless Steel Water Tanks.


Setting industry benchmarks for durability and performance, Arva reflects our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.


Synonymous with pristine water storage, Aquinox is designed to meet the unique needs of discerning customers.

Tiara Plus

Combining innovation with affordability, Tiara Plus caters to those seeking quality within budget.

Tiara 316

Crafted from premium-grade stainless steel, Tiara 316 is for those who demand the very best in terms of longevity and purity.

Tiara Insulated

Our latest innovation, specially designed tanks that provide exceptional insulation to keep your water at the desired temperature, whether hot or cold.

Expanding Across India

We are committed to bringing our high-quality water storage solutions to every corner of the country. With a network of over 350 dealers across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Goa, we have taken the first steps toward this goal.

A Pledge to Accessibility

Our commitment to excellence extends to accessibility. We are determined to make it easier for customers to experience the quality and reliability of our stainless steel water tanks. Adding more touchpoints is not just a business strategy for us; it's a pledge to serve you better.

Recognized Excellence

Our dedication to excellence has earned us prestigious awards, including the India 500 Best Brand Award in 2022 and the ZED Silver Certification - Zero Defect, Zero Effect, by the Quality Council of India in 2023.

Leading the Industry

Today, in 2023, we proudly stand as India's #1 and the largest manufacturer of Stainless Steel Water Tanks, a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Join Us on Our Journey

We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to redefine excellence in stainless steel water storage with our portfolio of brands, including the innovative Tiara Insulated . Together, we'll reach new heights of accessibility and service across India.